Proteins are essential for your health. In effect, they are the building blocks of the body. If you lack protein in your diet you run the risk of many of your bodily functions not working properly and eventually grinding to a halt.

Getting adequate levels of protein from your diet is not difficult, especially if you eat meat because meat contains large quantities of protein. For example, 100g of chicken breast contains around 21g of protein. You probably want to be aiming for approximately 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

Protein Sources

As I said before, getting adequate protein when eating meat should not be a problem for most people. However, those who are vegetarian might find it a little bit harder to achieve the higher levels of protein intake per day. If that’s you, try eating a good amount of beans. Chickpeas, lentils and other legumes are also great sources of protein.

Full Proteins

Proteins contain things called amino acids. Amino acids are actually really important for your health and well being. There are about 20 amino acids which the body needs, all of which are present in most meats but they are harder to get from plant sources of food. Of those 20, 8 are called essential amino acids because the body is not able to produce them by itself and you must obtain them from your diet.

Alternative Sources

If you are still lacking some proteins you can always look at supplementing with vitamins and protein powders in order to achieve the recommended intake of proteins and amino acids. Many protein supplements on the market today contain added amino acids, including the essential ones so you will be able to get your daily quota from these sources.

The biggest question regarding supplementing with proteins is are they of an equal quality and as efficient as those proteins which are ingested through more natural sources. A great place to buy cheap protein is from MyProtein. They sell a large number of different products so I am sure that you will find something to suit your needs.


So, to sum up what you need to be making sure you do is get a balance of foods in your daily diet. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are all very important. Without all of these in your food you will start to see noticeable differences in your mood, health, skin and every other aspect of your mental and physical health.

Just a small effort into what you are eating will pay dividends for you in the years to come.

Vitamins & Health



In today’s world we are all very conscious of our health and that we need certain vitamins and minerals in order to maintain the health of our bodies. Unfortunately,
this is becoming harder as soils are exhausted of their rich nutrient content and people are demanding cheaper and cheaper food prices.

Healthy Meat

Meat contains a large number of nutrients that are difficult to get from many other plant food sources, this is why we have originally been meat eaters for a large
percentage of our history. However, with the demand for cheaper food prices manufacturers are moving away from the traditional ways of rearing meat in order to cut
costs. As a result the quality of the meat is far inferior to that which was produced many years ago.

The ideal way to get around this problem is to buy better quality meat, but that is not always possible due to budget. Quality is expensive and sometimes we are unable
to stretch our budgets to cover these luxury costs of living. This is a reason why people have turned to supplementing their diets with vitamins to cater for the loss
of nutrients from the meat.

Effectiveness of Vitamins

Many people question the effectiveness of the vitamins that we take, and for good reason. Researchers have identified that often a vitamin taken on its own is not
nearly as effective as when taken with others which are present in very nutritious foods. The thinking is that the vitamins are only really effective when they are
consumed at the same time because they react off one another and change how they interact with the body.

Recommended Daily Allowance

If you have read the back of any food product you will see that there is usually a recommended daily allowance which is a limit set, usually by the government, as to
how much of a particular vitamin should be consumed each day. I can see the reasoning behind this but it’s also not ideal because what works for one person does not
work for another, especially where the body is concerned. Some people will require more and others less, naturally, but also mainly because of the lifestyle they lead.
For example, a professional sports person is going to need a lot more food, vitamins, minerals and everything else than someone who sits in an office all day and leads
a very sedentary lifestyle by comparison.

The Best Approach

In my opinion, the best approach is one of consistency and balance. An active lifestyle with some sport and activity is most definitely required. Also, it’s necessary
to get a good level of vitamins and minerals to help support your body and achieve optimum health. I recommend taking a multi-vitamin because it will help to ensure
you have a balance in your body and address any short comings in terms of a lack of any important vitamins in the body and from the diet.

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