Seven Important Reason to Give Yourself Enough Sleep

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Adults have the tendency to stay late at night and deprive themselves of sleep. However, getting enough sleep is very important if you want to stay keep an excellent general health condition and here are the reasons why.

Reason Number 1: Keep Your Heart Healthy

According to medical studies, one of the common causes of increased cholesterol levels and high blood pressure is lack of sleep. If you want to improve the general health condition of your heart, then you need to make sure that you will get at least seven hours of sleep each day.

Reason Number 2: Sleep Reduces Stress

Many people are suffering from mental stress nowadays and sleep deprivation is one of the major reasons for this. When you lack sleep, your body enters the state of stress. Its functions are on high alert that cause the overproduction of stress hormones. This usually lead to insomnia, strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks. If you don’t want to suffer fromSleep Talk in Bed stress and worsen your general health condition, then you should give your body enough sleep.

Reason Number 3: Minimize Chronic Inflammation

Insufficient sleep is also the root of chronic inflammations, such as periodontitis, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, heart-related diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Chronic inflammation can lead to premature aging. Getting enough hours of sleep will allow you to avoid these general health problems.

Reason Number 4: Make You More Active

By having a good night’s sleep, you will be able to feel more active and alert the next day. Sleeping hours is the time for your body to rest and replenish the energy that you have consumed. Sufficient sleep also improve your general health and mental awareness, improving your concentration when doing work.

Reason Number 5: Improve Your Memory

Aside from improving your general health, enough sleep also sharpens your memory. Medical studies concludes that your brain undergo memory consolidation while you are asleep. During this time, the brain is making connections between, feelings, experiences, events and memories. This in turn allows you to retrieve those memories in the future.

Brain Memory

Reason Number 6: Make You Smarter

Lack of sleep causes drowsiness, which makes it difficult for you to maintain focus on what you are doing. Therefore, if you want to enhance your creativeness and become smarter, you need to make sure that you will allot sufficient hours for sleep. This will refresh your mind and makes you mentally prepared the next day.

Reason Number 7: Prevent Depression

Depression has a negative impact on your general health condition. While you are asleep, your body produces serotonin, a biochemical substance that produce a feeling of happiness. If you have high serotonin level, depression will be less likely to occur.

Sleeping is very important. It allows your body to rest, repair itself, and replenish the energy that you have consumed for the day. Getting enough sleep also improves your mental awareness and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you will be able to maintain an excellent general health condition, you must never deprive yourself of sleep.