Everything in Moderation

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It’s Christmas time which usually means that it’s a time for over consumption of food and alcohol. It’s quite easy to do very little exercise and consume enough calories for someone who is training for 8 hours a day. When you add all the beer, wine, crisps, chocolate and sugary drinks to the mixture you can easily add a few KGs in just a couple of days.

Redefining Treats

When I was younger chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks were used as a way to motivate me. When I say this I mean that they were used as a treat if I did well at something. Every child wants more and more sweets so it seems logical that if they do well the chocolate can be used as a reward. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an association with bad foods which is not healthy.

By defining chocolate as a valuable treat which you only get when you have done well it will define it as something to be treasured and a great reward. By doing so you will think that it is something which should be revered and seen as better than other foods. This is not what you want to get your children associating with chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks.

There are alternative ways to motivate your children to do well without the use of chocolates. You can use additional play time, toys or more time staying up in the evenings, or perhaps a day trip or pocket money. Even the use of a sticker chart which they can build up to a prize by collecting as many gold stars as possible is also a great way to reward them.

Sweet Treats

Of course, it would be impossible for someone to go their whole life without having some sweets and treats like crisps, etc. This is all just part of a balanced approach to your eating and should not necessarily be avoided at all costs. Sometimes we need a hit of sugar and a treat, it’s just that it needs to remain within our control and not become an addiction.

If you can, try to replace chocolate treats with fruit. The whole reason that we have a sweet tooth in the first place is because our bodies have evolved to need the nutrients and goodness that you get from fruit. Fruits are the sweetest natural food around so our bodies crave sweet, sugars. Unfortunately the food industry has taken advantage of this and used it in their favour to get people addicted to the sweet sugars in chocolates. Because the chocolates are much sweeter than fruits the body craves that more than fruit because it sees it as a faster, more efficient way to get the sugars that it requires.

A Cup of Tea

I have been testing out what alternatives there are in order to prevent myself from wanting to eat chocolates and sweets. I have found that a cup of tea really helps to fend off the sweet cravings. That’s a cup of tea without sugar and milk, of course…Even a red bush tea will help and that’s much healthier than a normal cup of tea for you. Try it out for yourself and see if it works out well for you.

Brushing Teeth

Another way to suppress the cravings of sugar, and food in general to be honest, is to clean your teeth after eating. I always find this helps to curb my sweet cravings for long enough to not want the sweetness anymore. Also, when you have been eating chocolate and sweets if you don’t brush your teeth or find a way to get rid of the sweet taste in your mouth you will still want to have more, or at least that’s what I find, so if you can get rid of that sweet taste in your mouth it’s a really convenient way to prevent you eating the 2nd half of that Dairy Milk chocolate bar that you said you would save for another day…