Proteins are essential for your health. In effect, they are the building blocks of the body. If you lack protein in your diet you run the risk of many of your bodily functions not working properly and eventually grinding to a halt.

Getting adequate levels of protein from your diet is not difficult, especially if you eat meat because meat contains large quantities of protein. For example, 100g of chicken breast contains around 21g of protein. You probably want to be aiming for approximately 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

Protein Sources

As I said before, getting adequate protein when eating meat should not be a problem for most people. However, those who are vegetarian might find it a little bit harder to achieve the higher levels of protein intake per day. If that’s you, try eating a good amount of beans. Chickpeas, lentils and other legumes are also great sources of protein.

Full Proteins

Proteins contain things called amino acids. Amino acids are actually really important for your health and well being. There are about 20 amino acids which the body needs, all of which are present in most meats but they are harder to get from plant sources of food. Of those 20, 8 are called essential amino acids because the body is not able to produce them by itself and you must obtain them from your diet.

Alternative Sources

If you are still lacking some proteins you can always look at supplementing with vitamins and protein powders in order to achieve the recommended intake of proteins and amino acids. Many protein supplements on the market today contain added amino acids, including the essential ones so you will be able to get your daily quota from these sources.

The biggest question regarding supplementing with proteins is are they of an equal quality and as efficient as those proteins which are ingested through more natural sources. A great place to buy cheap protein is from MyProtein. They sell a large number of different products so I am sure that you will find something to suit your needs.


So, to sum up what you need to be making sure you do is get a balance of foods in your daily diet. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are all very important. Without all of these in your food you will start to see noticeable differences in your mood, health, skin and every other aspect of your mental and physical health.

Just a small effort into what you are eating will pay dividends for you in the years to come.

To Supplement or Not to Supplement


The supplements industry is huge and it continues to grow. The reason for that is quite simple – humans want to find the fastest way to the best health with the least amount of effort. In fact, it’s the same for everything in life. We want shortcuts because we know that we don’t have a long time, time is precious so we don’t want to waste it with unnecessary actions. But this is a topic for another, more detailed post as it goes deep into the human psyche.


Vitamin PillsIt’s possible to walk down any high street or shopping mall and find vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbal remedies and all other kinds of supplements you can buy to help heal, cure or prevent every kind of ailment known to Man. The government find it hard to keep up with all of the new releases of supplements so it’s very hard to regulate. In fact, a lot of the supplements available are classified as foods so they do not have to meet the same standards as any kind of drug.

Do They Work?

It’s debatable whether supplements work or not mainly because it would be difficult to see how a person was without the supplements in the first place if they are now taking some. There have been many tests carried out on patients who have particular symptoms and are trying to treat them. Some have been successful, others not and most return an inconclusive result.

The bottom line is we cannot be 100% sure most of the time.

Something else to consider is the impact of taking a particular mineral or vitamin in isolation. Our bodies have been used to getting vitamins such as Vitamin C through our diet which means that they are digested with other vitamins and minerals at the same time. It’s believed that when a particular vitamin is taken in isolation it can have a different effect on the body when compared to it being digested with the other parts to the fruit, vegetable or whatever it is that you are eating.

Best Ways to Avoid Supplementation

In my opinion, supplementation can be of benefit but there are more natural ways to achieve the same result. Here is a list of some of ways in which I think it’s best to do this:

  • Maintain a balanced diet eating fruits, vegetables, meats and fish
  • Don’t rely on one food source too much for your source of vitamin X – mix it up
  • Eat raw food as much as possible because cooking can reduce the efficacy of the minerals inside the food
  • Cook using an oven, water and a frying pan rather than a microwave
  • Eat good fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish and avoid saturated fats wherever possible
  • Allow yourself to eat badly sometimes, like the occasional pizza and chocolate bar
  • Exercise regularly, particularly something like yoga
  • Remove processed foods from your diet like breakfast cereal full of sugar
  • Try to eat little and often, allowing yourself to snack on healthy nuts, seeds and fruits
  • Be careful of eating too much fruit as it contains a lot of sugar – replace with vegetables where possible
Fresh Vegetables

Eat vegetables instead of pills..

Still Want to Supplement?

I can totally understand why you would still want to use supplements. In today’s world the fruit, vegetables and meats are not what they used to be. I say that in all seriousness because things have changed over the past 100 years. We are now farming more intensively than ever, with pesticides and fertilisers being used to get the best crop from the least amount of work. This leads to a substandard mineral and vitamin content in the foods that we produce.

If you have a look on YouTube you will find hundreds of videos dedicated to this topic. Here is just one that I found:

Which Ones to Buy

This is the toughest question of all. There are so many health supplements companies today and it is forever growing. As more and more people want to use supplements, this is only going to continue to increase. So who do you trust? Each one has their own “unique” formula which is the “best on the market”…In truth, I find it’s about trying them out and finding what works for you. Not every one is the same, just as not every vitamin is the same so they will have different effects on each person.

At the moment I am taking several vitamins and supplements. First up I always use Protein Powder after a workout or just for a snack between meals instead of a high calorie snack. I use a simple one from MyProtein. I have a Holland & Barrett store just down the road from me so it’s easy for me to pop in and pick up some CoQ10 (supposedly this helps with energy and brain function, something I think everyone wants more of…). This is the one I use. You can usually get a better price when they have a penny sale on so wait out for that and stock up!

For joint health I use Glucosamine & Chondroitin from these guys. I use this because I have a history of knee problems and I am trying to prevent the onset of arthritis. It’s a good quality product from what I can tell and they deliver fast so when I forget to order it arrives quickly.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully that has given you some food for thought in terms of whether you should use supplements or not. Or maybe it has just confused you some more…Sorry if it has! The truth is that not many people know exactly whether many supplements work or not. If they don’t harm you then the only problem is that you might be passing them straight through without any benefit and throwing your money down the toilet…


Picking The Right Vitamins


Millions of people today are not getting the right nutrients in their daily lives. Malnutrition doesn’t always come with drastic signs, and many people end up moving forward with their lives and not knowing that they are in need of certain vitamins and minerals. Others try to look for vitamins and get to the nutritional aisle to find themselves buried with choices. You’ll have a hard time deciphering which is best for you if you’re not careful, which is why getting a helping hand with picking the right options can be beneficial. The following tips may in fact help you get the right nutrients in your system.

The Energy Solution

The first option that may appeal to many is that of energy supplements. Look at a can of fizzy energy drink and you’ll notice that they max out the B Complex vitamins. These are great options to boost your daily influx of real, natural energy and is hard to get 100% of your daily requirement from just eating alone. Throw out the soda water, and look for this simple addition to your daily regimen. You’ll find that when the afternoon hits, you will be ready to take on the world. For more information, check out Wikipedia for some independent useful information.

Age Dependent Vitamins

As humans age, they require more and more vitamins and minerals. For women it can be added Vitamin D and Calcium. For men it could be saw palmetto and other prostate health solutions. When this becomes the case, look for age specific multivitamin solutions that are targeted for that demographic. There are a number of options in this category, and choosing one that is right to use depends on age and other factors. Always consult a physician if you’re confused about which particular blend will help most.

Boosting The Immune System

The tried and true option of adding Vitamin C to daily routine is still alive and well. It can help fight off colds, help keep the immune system strong and work miracles when you need a bit of an energy boost. You can also find that this is coupled with other nutrients including antioxidants and more. Look for blends of immune system boosting powders and tablets that can definitely help keep you safe and sound when the office is getting sick around you.

In the end, picking vitamins for the body is a matter of overall health and wellness. A lot of news reports have come out against these things, but medical research has proven that they can help when in combination of diet and exercise. Even if you were to eat well, often times you will miss out on key nutrients, which is why these remain popular in health circles today. I’ve personally tried quite a few different ones. As a starting point you could check out the ones from Holland & Barrett as they are a trusted high street store so you can’t go too wrong.

Overall, when you are looking at boosting your health, ask a physician for specific recommendations. You may not need a multiple nutrient blend, you may need just one option to help with a number of maladies. This is different than supplements, which are often times needed to boost endurance, stamina, and muscle recovery, even though some confuse the two.

Elevating Your Workout With Supplements


Fitness is always important for people of all ages. However, even when working out and making sure that you’re following a good diet plan, minimal gains can be seen. When you run into a plateau while working out, one path to take is that of supplements. These can be added to daily routine and can deliver nutrients to key parts of the muscle, immune, skeletal system. When you supplement diet and exercise properly, you can gain endurance, stamina, and build muscle. It’s through this option that many athletes gain tip top shape and can compete at a national and global stage. Choosing the right options for your needs may be tough, especially if you’re not really trying to compete at an Olympic level. There are a few things you can add to your daily regimen, however, that could help.

Boosting Protein

The first element that you can add is simple, protein. This is the building blocks of muscle development and can help recovery after strenuous workouts. This will not make you a bodybuilder, or turn you into a super human, but it will help with the minor stress and fatigue that you will inflict on the muscles as a result of working out. There are multiple sources that you can pull this from, but be careful, as many are filled with fillers, and other non-working ingredients. Read the label, and do some research before selecting any option.

Glucosamine For Joints

One of the interesting supplements that gets debated a great deal is that of glucosamine. Taking this supplement is useful in helping joints remain strong. It can stave off arthritic pain in athletes, and help boost serious performance overtime. Depending on the source of this solution, and the amount of the dosage, it can help directly impact joint relief.

Potassium For Muscle Cramping

Eating a banana a day can be helpful, but if you’re on keen on eating a lot of these, you can add a supplemental powder or tablet. It will help with muscle fatigue, and respond well against cramping in the middle of running, jogging, or strenuous activities. It could also help in a variety of other great ways, such as lowering cancer risk, and helping reduce heart disease as well as assist in cardiovascular health as a whole.

Creatine For Building on Protein

We mentioned protein above, and that is a great addition to working out. However, if you want to get to another level and build lean muscle that replaces fat, you will need creatine. This helps with muscle recovery and stamina. When doing weight training exercises, you’ll find the results will start to manifest a lot faster than just by taking protein alone.

The above supplements are just a few things that you will want to look into for the purpose of overall wellness. They are just a handful of the many nutrients that are available at your local health and wellness shop. They do not exhibit the only options, and are not the same as vitamins that you may want to pursue for optimum health.

Moving For Health Is Essential


Time and time again, research proves that the average person is not moving enough. They are sitting at work, sitting in their car, and sitting at home. Sure, some have physical, labor intensive careers but that doesn’t necessarily equate into good health. For instance, there is a constant joke about fat police officers, and even fat mail delivery personnel. The latter walks miles a day, and yet can’t seem to lose weight. Aside from glandular problems, illnesses, and medications that can cause swelling and increase weight, there are no excuses. Moving is essential for health and wellness. It may even cure depression in some people. So how do you get started? Or better yet, how do you go about facing the future without having to sacrifice? There are a plethora of solutions to consider.

The Television Path

This is not a call to throw out your television. You don’t need to do that. In fact, you can love it even more, especially if you’re willing to look at the free content and streams that are not prevalent in media. Many channels are now available for free or low cost that will broadcast exercise routines to your television. If you are one of the millions that don’t have any sort of cable, streaming device, and are still trying to get a few channels, don’t worry, you can still move.

Every program, even the news, has ads. During those ad breaks you have an opportunity to do simple exercise that will help you lose weight. Something as simple as dedicating each commercial break to doing push-ups will have you lean in no time.

Walking Outside Still Counts

When’s the last time you took a walk? Experts have recommended walking at least 30 minutes a day to everyone that wants to get a little bit of exercise. You can easily start working out and being better equipped for the days to come by walking around the block, and turning that into a jog over time. The point here is to start getting active, and something as simple as walking can definitely pose serious benefits.

Finding Fun

For those that are adamant about time restraints, or just aren’t going to want to try the aforementioned, than think like a child. What was fun as a kid? Was it jumping rope? Playing tag, or a sport? Purchase a ball, a jump rope, or even a hula hoop, and use them to move. You’ll find that a little bit of play time can go a long way in terms of health and wellness. Most people don’t realize how simple life can be when you look for fun ways to move. Exercise is not about dreading the gym or forcing yourself into a routine that you hate. You can have a lot of fun, and even make friends.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you’re looking at ways to improve your health by moving a bit more. Exercise, and health go hand in hand.

Everything in Moderation


It’s Christmas time which usually means that it’s a time for over consumption of food and alcohol. It’s quite easy to do very little exercise and consume enough calories for someone who is training for 8 hours a day. When you add all the beer, wine, crisps, chocolate and sugary drinks to the mixture you can easily add a few KGs in just a couple of days.

Redefining Treats

When I was younger chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks were used as a way to motivate me. When I say this I mean that they were used as a treat if I did well at something. Every child wants more and more sweets so it seems logical that if they do well the chocolate can be used as a reward. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to an association with bad foods which is not healthy.

By defining chocolate as a valuable treat which you only get when you have done well it will define it as something to be treasured and a great reward. By doing so you will think that it is something which should be revered and seen as better than other foods. This is not what you want to get your children associating with chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks.

There are alternative ways to motivate your children to do well without the use of chocolates. You can use additional play time, toys or more time staying up in the evenings, or perhaps a day trip or pocket money. Even the use of a sticker chart which they can build up to a prize by collecting as many gold stars as possible is also a great way to reward them.

Sweet Treats

Of course, it would be impossible for someone to go their whole life without having some sweets and treats like crisps, etc. This is all just part of a balanced approach to your eating and should not necessarily be avoided at all costs. Sometimes we need a hit of sugar and a treat, it’s just that it needs to remain within our control and not become an addiction.

If you can, try to replace chocolate treats with fruit. The whole reason that we have a sweet tooth in the first place is because our bodies have evolved to need the nutrients and goodness that you get from fruit. Fruits are the sweetest natural food around so our bodies crave sweet, sugars. Unfortunately the food industry has taken advantage of this and used it in their favour to get people addicted to the sweet sugars in chocolates. Because the chocolates are much sweeter than fruits the body craves that more than fruit because it sees it as a faster, more efficient way to get the sugars that it requires.

A Cup of Tea

I have been testing out what alternatives there are in order to prevent myself from wanting to eat chocolates and sweets. I have found that a cup of tea really helps to fend off the sweet cravings. That’s a cup of tea without sugar and milk, of course…Even a red bush tea will help and that’s much healthier than a normal cup of tea for you. Try it out for yourself and see if it works out well for you.

Brushing Teeth

Another way to suppress the cravings of sugar, and food in general to be honest, is to clean your teeth after eating. I always find this helps to curb my sweet cravings for long enough to not want the sweetness anymore. Also, when you have been eating chocolate and sweets if you don’t brush your teeth or find a way to get rid of the sweet taste in your mouth you will still want to have more, or at least that’s what I find, so if you can get rid of that sweet taste in your mouth it’s a really convenient way to prevent you eating the 2nd half of that Dairy Milk chocolate bar that you said you would save for another day…

Vitamins & Health



In today’s world we are all very conscious of our health and that we need certain vitamins and minerals in order to maintain the health of our bodies. Unfortunately,
this is becoming harder as soils are exhausted of their rich nutrient content and people are demanding cheaper and cheaper food prices.

Healthy Meat

Meat contains a large number of nutrients that are difficult to get from many other plant food sources, this is why we have originally been meat eaters for a large
percentage of our history. However, with the demand for cheaper food prices manufacturers are moving away from the traditional ways of rearing meat in order to cut
costs. As a result the quality of the meat is far inferior to that which was produced many years ago.

The ideal way to get around this problem is to buy better quality meat, but that is not always possible due to budget. Quality is expensive and sometimes we are unable
to stretch our budgets to cover these luxury costs of living. This is a reason why people have turned to supplementing their diets with vitamins to cater for the loss
of nutrients from the meat.

Effectiveness of Vitamins

Many people question the effectiveness of the vitamins that we take, and for good reason. Researchers have identified that often a vitamin taken on its own is not
nearly as effective as when taken with others which are present in very nutritious foods. The thinking is that the vitamins are only really effective when they are
consumed at the same time because they react off one another and change how they interact with the body.

Recommended Daily Allowance

If you have read the back of any food product you will see that there is usually a recommended daily allowance which is a limit set, usually by the government, as to
how much of a particular vitamin should be consumed each day. I can see the reasoning behind this but it’s also not ideal because what works for one person does not
work for another, especially where the body is concerned. Some people will require more and others less, naturally, but also mainly because of the lifestyle they lead.
For example, a professional sports person is going to need a lot more food, vitamins, minerals and everything else than someone who sits in an office all day and leads
a very sedentary lifestyle by comparison.

The Best Approach

In my opinion, the best approach is one of consistency and balance. An active lifestyle with some sport and activity is most definitely required. Also, it’s necessary
to get a good level of vitamins and minerals to help support your body and achieve optimum health. I recommend taking a multi-vitamin because it will help to ensure
you have a balance in your body and address any short comings in terms of a lack of any important vitamins in the body and from the diet.

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